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During my services, I thrive on providing each client with the best possible experience I can offer with professionalism and commitment to your desired styling. That’s why I have some basic policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their experience.

  1. Deposits are required at the time of booking and are non refundable!


  3. I do not provide braiding hair or curls for boho styles. Once you click the style you booked, the description will tell you what you need.

  4. Please arrive to your appointment with your hair washed and blow dried AND PRODUCT FREE! (No oils, moisturizers, leave-in conditioners, etc.)

  5. Book accordingly. Be mindful when booking the day of important events, I DO NOT rush my work!

  6. Please keep in mind that all durations listed on each service are estimated and depending on thickness/thinness and client head size and length, some services may or may not extend the time.

  7. Just as stylist professionalism is important, so is client respect and consideration expected.

  8. I DO NOT provide services over yours or someone else’s work!

  9. $10 late fee. There is a 10 minute grace period, after that a late fee is applied. After 20 minutes with no communication your appointment will be cancelled.

  10. Amenities are provided in the shop and are complimentary!

  11. Remaining balance must be paid in cash.

Thank you,

The Naomi Effect 

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